This is very little strategy, has been written on the last evening LD34. The two empires fighting for the small piece of land and you witness this battle. Airships fly from island to island and capture them.


When the airship flying island he brings money and increases the himself HP. Over the island has two buttons:

  1. "HP" increases the growth of HP when the airship will fly this island. Cost is 1000. Gain is +1.
  2. "Money" increases the gain of money. Cost is 5000. Gain is +100.

Improve profits from the islands and capture the last island of the enemy. To capture the last enemy island, 20 airships have to fly to him.

In the battle wins the airship with a large HP. His HP is reduced by the number of enemy HP. Initially, all of the airship 10 HP.


WASD or arrows - camera movement
Left mouse button - to click on button over the island


  • Improved graphics
  • Little changed the map

Yet no changes in the economy and no new levels

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