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Ellis is a small game about a ghost (named 👉 Ellis 👈) that wants to help people in a small village.

Haunt the trash bags and throw them out, sweep the dust in the church and park the car. Do this so the people can find time for themselves and then send them on a jog or gather on a barbecue in this small cute game.


This is not the final version of the game. I'm going to:

  • improve AI (reaction on haunting, routine interactions)
  • improve the game design (add some not violent interaction between the Ellis and people)
  • add more sounds and animations



  • WASD - Movement
  • Q/E or Ctrl/Space - Vertical movement
  • Shift - Accelerate
  • Mouse - Camera
  • F - Haunt/Unhaunt objects
  • Space - Jump (in haunt mode)
  • Esc - Pause


  • Left stick - Movement
  • Left/Right triggers - Vertical movement
  • Left stick button - Accelerate
  • Right stick - Camera
  • X - Haunt objects
  • B - Unhaunt objects
  • A - Jump (in haunt mode)
  • Start - Pause



WGJ192-Ellis.zip 144 MB

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