Sometimes the most important things happen in our minds. This a story of a little and brave dreamer, who is stuck not only in the loop of daily tasks, but also he is trapped in the real world, while his beautiful mind flows freely.

Finding new friends and foes, make someone happy or sad… It is your decision. Will he eventionally break the loop? Let’s find out.


  • WSAD - to move
  • press E - to interact with
  • hold E - to make an action (usage in a train only)
  • LMB - to switch dialogues and see Inventory


  • Tanya Tish - Art
  • Anton Tarasov - Code
  • KyonTyan - Game Design
  • Somathronix - Sound Design


Download 68 MB


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Is it possible to break the loop?

No. The story is linear.


That Was A Nice Game, I Would Say That It Got Me On A Emotional Rollercoaster (I  Purrsonally Love Cats A Lot)


I love cats too