The tale of the great goblin tower

Hey, do you like to build things? Also do you like the texts written through the program-translator? Forgive me for this, I am an alien and my ship crashed on this wonderful planet. Fortunately, the locals considered me a god and helped with the repair of the spacecraft. Now I have to help them get the Great Cheese from the sky (mgh, more precisely the Moon). They are simple people, so we will build a tower of goblins. With goblins as a binder. The hands, legs and powerful jaws will come together, you just need to put them on top of each other. Do not forget about the impact of wind and birds, of course. We are serious scientists.

Rules of the game

Control the ship, hurl the goblins at each other. Do not miss the tower, otherwise you will lose. Do not let goblins touch the right and left edges of the screen, otherwise the tower will fall apart.


  • W/D & arrows - to movement
  • Space - to drop the goblin. (For the sake of science)
  • E - to apply special ability. The recharge time of the ability is indicated in goblins. Naturally. You can change the ability between matches
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 40
Average sessionA few seconds
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Download 44 MB